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This month we feature 'The Beer Mooch' from Fort Collins, Colorado.

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The real truth about "the beer mooch", as told by the lady he claims is his wife and the mother of his children.

Interestingly he is so brazen, and such a "poor dad" (in my opiion), he actually provided his ten year old daughter's text address, claiming it was that of his wife who would back up all that he said. (What kind of dad would give his ten year old daughter's phone number to a stranger in the bar.)

This man claims to be a "great dad" who puts his four children first and whose wife is happy for him to be out drinking every night.

The following text messages are provided as they were sent, so there are typos etc. as is typical in such messages.

Here is what the mother of that daughter said:

Tue 24, 12:36am, from me, to the number he provided:

I am sitting at the bar. A man says he is your husband encouraged me to text you and confirm that you are happy that is here mooching beers rather than being at home with you and the children:-) is this true. I caked him out for asking people for money rather than looking sheet his family. Is this true

Tue 24, 4:38pm, from me:

We are pleased that the lie had been exposed. Either the number provided was wrong or the assurance that the wife was happy was not true. If this suspicion is incorrect then text immediately. Otherwise it is clear that the lie had been exposed

Wed 25, 4:14pm, to me:

This is a kids phone number. I don't think you have the correct phone number. My name is harmony

Was this in fort collins? I am the mom?

Wed 25, 5:15pm, from me:

The man who have me this number claimed that it was his wife's number and that she was happy with him being out at the bars every night, mooching from customers. Since he claims to be without resources we wanted to check that you and the children have all you need. A number of us worried that a man who claims to have four children wanders the bars asking for two dollars for a beer . We wanted to make certain that the children are OK. Four children is a lot of mouths to feed

And yes. This wad fort collins. Isn't that where you are?

Then switched to "mother's" phone, to me:

Hi My name is Mary we were texting back and fourth about the "dude at the bar" my phone text messages better than my daughter. To clear the air he isn't and wasn't my husband. He is a sad old drunk. He has one daughter with me who is ten. Two young boys with a girl here and the fourth is in South Dakota and is about 14. I can't belive he is really telling people such things to of all things get beer money. What a weird thing. Thanks for looking out. Knowing this is crazy. I work and just graduated school. I don't even know why he is in this town. By the way sorry for blowing up your phone. What bar was this?
Wed, 6:26

No problems at all. How he is paying child support. I saw him at trailhead. Do you need to get hold of him for child support?

The strangest part is that he actually have is the number so we could confirm that "his wife was happy with him being out. We had given him a hard time for not being at home with the family. I was not the best dad in the world. No one is. But most of is at least try. Btw. My name is John

Wed, 7:05 PM

To me:

He is completely full of lies. I had his kid over ten years ago. Left him when when the kid was 2. The phone number is his daughter's that I pay for. I cannot get child support because CO can't find him because he doesn't work on the books. He recently came back from SD because he was extradited there for the first kids child support. He should be allowed to bum beers at trail. I do know a girl that works there and will make sure he cannot get served there again. I am sorry I don't even know you. I am just totally blown away. What a crappie person he is on top of shitty dad.

Wed, 7:15 PM

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